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On It Boss!

NCIS graphics and fanfiction

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NCIS fanfiction by Susie Crabtree

onitboss is a themed community dedicated to the CBS television series, Navy NCIS. Today it is simply referred to as NCIS as the 'Navy' was dropped after Season One, but the love is still there. This community began as a collection of works specifically done by meekosan with fanfiction and graphics. After much internal debate, it is slowly being opened up to more people and opportunities. By hosting challenges to begin, hopefully the interest for more followers will come before a full grand reopening to public access and posting will be granted.

the basics
Anything NCIS is a greenlight here! If you are interested in trying to bring the community to the masses, do not hesitate to contact the moderator/owner.


If you would like to be listed here, please email cafe.addict(.at.)gmx(.dot.)com or shoot a private message over to meekosan: SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE.

profile and layout credit: layout_lounge